Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Food Adventures

There aren't any recipes in this post, but I wanted to share with you some (old?) photos I found on my phone from when I was visiting home in the US back in May / June.

Ordering a burger at Five Guys. Apparently they didn't understand why I wanted extra lettuce on the side, seeing as they gave me shredded lettuce when I asked for extra lettuce. No matter, there's nothing I like better than tearing into a piece of meat with my own bare hands without silly lettuce getting in the way.

One of my good friends. Isn't she so pretty? We were at Egyptian Pizza, but we ordered their yummy lamb schwarma salad. I  converted her to eating paleo and she's doing fabulously with it. Her body is bangin'! She is also my motivation - we've agreed to tell each other when we've cheated, which makes me less apt to cheat if I have to hold myself accountable. Of course, frozen yogurt doesn't count. Speaking of which ... 

I think I might be addicted to frozen yogurt.

Yes, this is a compilation of a few of the times I went out to   eat froyo with my friends / sister. There were a couple days where I went twice a day (okay, maybe more than a couple), and there were lots of times when I didn't have my camera with me. I'm sure I single-handedly kept the local froyo shops afloat when I was back home. They're probably all scratching their heads and wondering why there was a sudden decrease in profits when I left in June. Help me. I have a problem. 

My sister, glassblowing. A couple friends and I went to watch her do her thang. It was pretty awesome watching everyone make glasses and bowls out of powdered glass, especially when they add the color. And it was hot (literally and figuratively)Here's the link to the studio, in case you live near the Baltimore area. They also have a bar / restaurant next door. It's a super dive bar, atmosphere is very typical of the area, but their burgers are huge and juicy.

Mini cupcakes I made for a dinner with my in-laws. No, these are not paleo. The banana trifle that I made that night however, was. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the trifle, but the recipe for that will come in the near future, I promise. I made these using my sister's leftover cupcake mix she was using (just white cake mix from a box with blue food coloring). Since I didn't have any frosting I decided to melt some green chocolate chips in a bowl and dip the naked cupcake in, coating the top. Before it set, I sprinkled some cocoa pearls I got from Trader Joe's.

Okay, this strawberry cheesecake here is my favorite. Made this on the spur of the moment for the hubby for his birthday. I don't have a recipe for this since I didn't follow one, I just threw stuff together using the basic knowledge I already had in my head of baking regular cheesecakes in hopes that it would turn out. Which it did. I used Stevia and a bit of honey instead of sugar, and I used full fat Greek yogurt and 4% fat cottage cheese (all from TJs) instead of cream cheese. It turned out absolutely divine. For the top, I whipped some more yogurt with TJ's lemon curd and spread it on top. 

Saved the best for last! This is a zombie cake I made for one of my best friends for her birthday. I baked a red velvet cake in a circle pan, and used pink and green frosting (I used food coloring to color the buttercream frosting I made) for the inside and the frosting of the brain and skin. I couldn't find a gel red or black enough to color my frosting red, so I bought Wilton's pre-made red and black icing and used that for the blood and the brain and facial features. It was fun to make and she got a kick out of it. 

Here she is with the cake! I love her and miss her dearly.

I have so many new dishes that I've been making every week but I usually make them for dinner at night, which isn't the ideal environment for taking photos since I like taking photos in natural light. I do have a few good ones though, which I will post very soon! 

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